Nick Diamond

Teaching-All ages of students can enjoy understanding the fundamentals of music through playing violin. He offers lessons including classical and a variety of fiddle styles.

Education-Nick holds a Bachelor of Music Performance, University of New Mexico. He also studied and performed at the Vienna Konservatorium (2010), Deutche Sommerschule (2011), Schlern International Music Festival (2008), Musica nas Montanas Sao Paolo (2012).

Performing-He most recently recorded on the album Temaliztli Teocuicameh by Tzotzollin. Nick has performed with the Arapahoe Philharmonic and with various string quartets. 

Family-Nick comes from a family of fiddle players that spans back many generations. As a child, Nick would learn fiddle tunes from his grandpa and uncle. Music making is a family matter. 

Asia Fajardo-Diamond

Teaching-Asia Fajardo-Diamond teaches classical and jazz saxophone, theory and composition to elementary through high school students. She has 10 years of experience teaching music students. Her students have made honor bands and have been accepted into college music programs. 

Education-Asia holds a Master of Music from the University of Wyoming where she was the graduate teaching assistant for the saxophone studio. At the University of Wyoming Asia studied saxophone with Dr. Scott Turpen and composition with Dr. Anne Guzzo. During her graduate career, Asia researched multi-cultural music education and Native American saxophonist Jim Pepper to create a composition teaching model to engage students. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Music from University of Colorado-Denver, where she studied saxophone with Mark Harris and jazz/composition with Ron Miles and Drew Morell. Asia also studied with the late Denver Jazz piano legend Ted Alexander.

Performing-Asia is currently performing as a saxophone and violin duo with her husband, presenting classical repertoire and contemporary compositions. She also directs the "Jams for Jelly Beans' Project"  that plays interactive instrument music for children promoting creativity, community and caring.She has performed jazz and contemporary compositions at notable venues/events; such as Ted Talk Hip Hop Symposium, Lupe Fiasco in Laramie, Wy., Oriental Theater, Herman's Hideaway, Aurora Fox Theater, Dazzle, Botanical Gardens, Lakewood Cultural Center, KUVO jazz radio station, Wheat Ridge Cultural Festival and Five Points Jazz Festival. My former music and recording projects include Asia Jazz Project, Mono Verde, Pink Hawks and Molina Speaks.

Compositions-Asia composed and produced the avant-garde stage show Omecihaul Rising that debuted at the Aurora Fox Theater in 2010. Her composition "Crystal Sky" has been arranged by Denver's Afro Beat band the Pink Hawks and is on their new album Boo. Asia's composition “Moon Stars” is on the documentary Return of the Corn Mothers. She also co-wrote the song '”Near and Far”, which is on the sound track of Papers a documentary about undocumented youth in America and their struggle to survive.

Family-Asia is a traditional Aztec Dancer and her Aztec/Mexica heritage is a powerful force in her life. Her involvement in tribal dances, music and ceremonies from a young age allowed her to understand the therapeutic power of music and importance of music in forming a sense of community. Asia's Aztec/Mexica name is Xochiquetzal (beautiful flower).

Asia and Nick enjoy hiking, camping, cooking, origami, Danza Azteca and spending time with their son Theo.